This is the list of fanlistings I would love to own. The ones I really really want are the first ones with pictures and a little bit of text, the other ones are below them, the italic ones bigger wishes than the normal ones. The number in brackets shows how often I've been rejected for a fanlisting, !! means top wishlister.


I absolutely love him. He is just a great actor. I love almost all movies Hugh Grant was involved in because I love to watch him BEING the person he portrays not just playing although in the end he is playing. My favourite movies with him are Notting Hill and About A Boy. (0x)


Lovely Actress. I loved her since I saw her smiling the first time. She is just a great woman. Julia Roberts is by far my favourite actress, I love her movies, such as Notting Hill or Mona Lisa Smile. She enriches them in a big way. (0x)


My favoutrite animals for as long as I can remember. Elephants are the most majestic animals I know. I love the fact they care so much for their children and protect each other.
Then they are so lovely to each other, but can be powerful too. And I just saw on a documentary how clever they can be. Just great. (0x)
I don't know when or why I fell in love with sheeps, but they are just adorable. Especially the black ones. (0x)


I love wearing skirts, they feel so comfortable on the skin and can be so stylish at the same time. I love fluttery skirts the most but I like all kind of skirts. (1x)

Hobbies and Recreation

Reading is a hobby I have since I was about 5 years old. I learned reading in the autumn holidays when I was in preschool and never stopped since then.
I have two big shelfes with books and I read them all at least three times, I just enjoy it so much. (0x)


Saw Notting Hill at least five times and I will never get tired of it. Such a beautiful and romantic movie. Although it has a happy ending and is sometimes very amusing there are sad moments were you just don't know how it will end. I hope every time she will say yes although I know she will. That makes a good movie. (0x)

Musicians: Bands/Groups

My favourite band for about three years now. Even flew to Dublin to see them in concert, because there was no concert in Germany. The concerts are just great and their albums have such wonderful songs on them and their voices are very good.
I love the way they interact with each other on interviews or with fans and you can just see that they are really friends, not just a casted band. Yes it's Westlife. (0x)

Musicians: Male

My favourite in Westlife for about two years now. He is just lovely, good looking, funny, gorgeous and so much else. And he has a very very lovely voice.
Fell in love with him after having different faves for one year and stayed with Nicky Byrne since then and will for a long time. (0x)


Rain is something I always loved. I love the way it splashes on the window and how you feel when the rain is pouring down and you sit inside and it's warm and nice. I love it when I'm outside and it's raining and there are plashes everywhere. I love the sound raindrops make when they fall on earth. (0x)

Other Wishes





Characters: Book/Movie

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Musicians: Female




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