We do not need any special knowledge to borrow money online. All we need is a computer with internet access, a bank account and literally a moment of free time.

I do not conceal that this guide mainly targets people who have never had the opportunity to borrow cash online. I will try to introduce you to how to borrow the amount that interests us in a simple and safe way. I will also tell you how to get a loan online, when we can not get it in the bank. You will also learn about the additional opportunities that lie in borrowing online.

In general, online borrowing could be divided into bank loans that are available online and for non-bank loans that are popular with people who have problems getting a bank loan. However, you will try to convince you that some offers of the latter do not have to be expensive to pay, quite the contrary. Thanks to the use of special promotions, we will be able to borrow money online on much more favorable terms than in banks.

Additional cash via the Internet – where to start?

Additional cash via the Internet - where to start?

So, we should start our search for cash by specifying an important issue. What loan amount are we looking for and with what repayment period? With this information, it will be easier for us to find an offer that will be the most advantageous for us in repayment and thus will have the lowest loan installment. In fact, most banks and loan companies have on their websites by means of which we can calculate the exact cost of the loan and at the same time the monthly installment. In the case of loan companies, the most common are exact costs, which are identical for each borrower. In the case of banks, we often deal with approximate and approximate costs, because these very often are already determined individually, only after submitting the application. That’s the way I have experience, if someone claims it is different, it can improve me from the commentary.

Money over the internet – by a bank or a loan company?

Money over the internet - by a bank or a loan company?

Here, at the very beginning, we must tell one important thing. Well, a bank loan via the Internet is cheaper in repayment than loans offered by non-bank companies. This is especially true for larger amounts of loans. And you should know that through banks you can get not only small amounts of loans. Most banks can borrow up to PLN 10,000 and some up to PLN 50,000 online. If, therefore, we are interested in a large amount of internet credit, then here we should direct our search exclusively towards banks.

However, this is not always possible… Unfortunately, for some people, it may not be possible to get a bank loan online. If we have a negative credit history in BIK bases or low creditworthiness, which prevents us from getting the necessary amount of cash, then in such a situation we will have to look for alternative solutions. Such alternative solutions may be companies that provide non-bank loans. These types of companies do not have such high loan costs as they did until recently. However, if we have not been able to obtain a loan through a bank, it is worth looking for such an offer that will be the most advantageous for us. We will not be able to count on low costs for large amounts of loans, e.g. over PLN 10,000. Such high-interest non-bank loans are still expensive to repay and often the cost of such loans is once again as large as the amount borrowed.

In search of cheaper cash

In search of cheaper cash

So where is it worth to go in search of the cheapest non-bank loan? You can look for such cheapest solutions on this blog or by reviewing such loans on your own. As I wrote early, the exact cost of non-bank loans will be found on the website of every single company that specializes in granting loans of this type. Just enter the amount of the loan, enter the repayment period and the calculator will calculate the monthly installment and the total cost of the loan yourself. By repeating this action on several different pages, we will be able to compare the offers of several different companies and choose the offer that will best meet our expectations.

Below I have allowed myself to include three in my opinion the most advantageous offers of non-bank loans that are currently available via the Internet and will not be expensive to pay.

Formalities related to obtaining an online loan or loan

Formalities related to obtaining an online loan or loan

Activities related to obtaining an internet loan are very similar for both bank loans and loans granted by loan companies. The most important criterion we should meet is 18 years of age and possession of an ID card. To borrow money online, we will also need a bank account with online access and a mobile phone. First in order to make a verification transfer and then collect the loan. The second one, ie a mobile phone, will be necessary for us because the bank or companies will want to have a short telephone conversation with us. Most often, its main assumption is verification of the borrower consisting in asking a few additional questions.

The next steps belong to the bank or loan company, depending on where we applied. At this point, we verify our data, check the creditworthiness and credit history and then the decision to grant a loan or a loan. Some companies provide such a decision by phone and others send an SMS message informing about a positive decision. At the moment we already know that the loan will be granted to us, we only have to wait for it to be delivered to our bank account. Here, the waiting time varies, but currently in most cases, cash is delivered to the borrower’s account on the same day. In some cases, the waiting time for a loan may close in a dozen or so minutes. The contract is usually concluded by electronic means, under which the contract is sent to the e-mail. In the case of some companies, however, it is used to provide a paper agreement via a courier company.

At the end – promotions next to which it is not worth passing indifferently

At the end - promotions next to which it is not worth passing indifferently

Mentioning the possibilities under which we have the opportunity to borrow money online, it is impossible not to mention various promotional offers. This applies in particular to short-term loans and payday loans offered in loan companies. These companies currently work a lot on the loan market. Therefore, in order to stand out from the crowd, these types of companies most often use various types of steps to encourage a potential customer to take advantage of their offer. Probably the most famous advertisement is the first loan for free, which we will meet in the offer of companies offering payday loans. Thanks to such an offer, we have the opportunity to obtain a loan without incurring any costs. It should be remembered, however, that payday loans are granted with a very short repayment period and the time at which such a loan should be returned is usually 30 days. A delay in repayment of such a loan may involve additional costs. It is worth using such offers only if we are sure that we will manage to repay the entire amount borrowed.

Such a free loan is an ideal offer which is definitely worth using, because its cost is zero. Sometimes other interesting proposals also appear. One of them is a loan for PLN 10 for a period of 60 days, which Wonga has been offering so far. We borrow money for a period of 60 days and we pay only PLN 10 more than we borrowed. However, it is worth noting that these types of promotions are available only for new customers using the services of a given company for the first time.

Sometimes banks also can turn on an interesting promotional offer and start a free installment loan for new customers. It is worth to keep up to date with current promotions available among banks and companies providing internet loans.