Good Credit

The exact cost of a loan always depends on the type, duration, amount and history of the loan selected. Let’s take a look at two possible payout examples (a detailed quote will appear after you complete the application).

In cases where no payment is made and the credit is not extended, a penalty (0.1% per day) is applied. In addition, debt collectors and / or the court may be involved in the recovery of money, and the non-debtor may be entered in debtors’ registers. Any additional costs incurred shall be borne by the borrower.

How to repay the loan correctly and safely?

How to repay the loan correctly and safely?

In financial transactions, the most important thing is to assess the risks and pay off your debt on time. Don’t postpone last-minute refunds and transfer money to your business account in a timely fashion. If the payment is delayed, the lender will have the right to charge you for the default.

Use your internet bank



The easiest way to settle your payment is to use your internet bank. Precision is important. The payment order must include the correct company name (see below), but the purpose of the payment must include the words Loan Repayment as well as your personal ID number, the loan code. For the benefit of Crediton’s customers, the creditor has accounts with several banks, which ensures that money transfers can be made at a) lower cost and b) the money reaches the company as quickly as possible.

Paying off the loan early

Paying off the loan early


Clients who have borrowed larger amounts of money for a longer period of time can save by paying off the loan early without additional commission. To use this feature, you must first send a scanned application or mail it to the company office.

Customers who need extra time to cover their obligations have the option of extending the loan repayment term by 15 or 30 days, paying a certain amount of money for it. Note that the consumer loan and credit line can be extended three times in a row. Once this is done, you have to pay your monthly payment at least once, and then the renewal can be repeated.

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